Hello world

I’m starting this blog to give back my learnings to the community. I’ve thanklessly contributed much less in the past as I was mostly occupied with my work. This was primarily because I got a chance to work only in a startup environment, where the TTM is generally very low.

In my first organisation, we used to work on a SaaS product where our team was scattered between India and U.S. timezones. We used to sync once a day formally (as a standup) and spent the rest of the day working on deliverables. While this organisation was “tech only” (as most of us were engineers working on outsourced products), I got a strong grip on technology tasks. When I joined LocoNav, there was a major shift from a service to a product-based mindset. On a single floor, we had all the departments sitting and working (hustling). Accordingly, learnings were much different and ownership was even more than 100% :)

In my close to 8 years of experience, I’ve grown both technically and personally. I’ve built products, handled client interactions, hired people, contributed to building high-level architectures, managed people, took care of appraisals, and whatnot. Based on all those learnings, I’ll spare time to write about topics that include (but are not limited to): Software Engineering, Culture, Leadership, and my specialization which is mostly in Ruby on Rails + AWS Cloud. I hope that readers will find this content useful.